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Single Hand Soap Refill in Slow Down 250ml

Single Hand Soap Refill in Slow Down 250ml

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Slow Down is a sensual and uplifting fragrance that reminds you to reset and take care of yourself. 

Slow down combines essential oils, including: mandarin, cedarwood, rosemary, orange and lavender.



Traditional liquid handwash is made of 80% water. Blackmarket refills are innovative in their delivery method. Our refills contain a waterless powder-to-gel concentrated soap, packaged in a safe material that dissolves in contact with warm water. The sachet becomes part of the product, acting as a thickener. 

You will be familiar with dishwasher tablets, Blackmarket uses the same principle but applied to the personal care and beauty category. Bringing you the convenience of the products you love, in an eco-friendly concentrated format.



Refillable to reduce waste, no single-use plastic packaging, everything is reusable or recyclable


95% lighter than traditional brands, because no water is transported, reducing carbon emissions. Why ship water when you have it at home?


Fragrance from essential oils, carefully selected ingredients, vegan and we only test on ourselves


Protects and cares for your skin, it’s gentle on your hands, and gentle on the planet

1 refill stick + 240ml warm water = 250ml (8 oz) liquid handwash, which lasts about 3 months for one person.

Full instructions on how to mix Blackmarket handwash can be found on the packaging.

We recommend using our bottle, but if you are using your own, make sure it is washed and add 240ml/g of warm water.

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