Welcoming Wrap Magazine to Pepper You

Welcoming Wrap Magazine to Pepper You

I am so pleased to welcome Wrap Magazine to our web shop. 

Wrap celebrates the very best in contemporary creativity. Through their print magazine and the products they make, they share the work of some of the most exciting, original and inspiring creatives from across the globe.

Wrap, based in East London, started life in 2010 as a magazine by Polly and Chris and has now developed and grown to include a stationery and product range - where they collaborate with exciting illustrators and designers from around the world. 

I really love that the brand uses only the highest quality and responsibly-sourced materials and processes. In addition all their products are made in the UK. 

We now stock a variety of greeting cards by Wrap as well as a small collection of puzzles. 

I think one of my favourites from our collection of Wrap products is this 1,000 pieces of flowers puzzle, which Wrap collaborated with Sydney based artist and illustrator Micke Lindebergh. 

You can shop our collection of Wrap products here
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