Welcoming Neighbourhood Botanicals to the Web Shop

Welcoming Neighbourhood Botanicals to the Web Shop

A few weeks ago now we welcomed green beauty experts Neighbourhood Botanicals to the web shop. To introduce their collection of sustainable, vegan and carbon negative products, we thought it might be nice to give you a little more insight into the brand and what makes these products unique. 

The brand was founded by Australian born Micaela Nisbet, who at 23 moved to England to pursue her music career. With the fast paced yet exciting reality of touring and being on the road, Micaela realised that this lifestyle was beginning to take a toll on her skin. Struggling to find skincare that worked and was natural; Micaela started to research and learn more about skincare, resulting in her blending her own raw oils and extracts, and there was no going back...

...Neighbourhood Botanicals was born and we are obsessed! NB is in a league of its own, using mostly cold-pressed and raw plant oils for maximum nutrients. All of NB’s formulas are 100% natural, made with ECO-CERT ingredients, cruelty free and vegan. All of their beautiful products are manufactured and shipped from their own lab in East London.

We love that Micaela and the NB team are dedicated to creating healthy, natural, beneficial and kind skincare. Focusing on the customer rather than the sales. Micaela says in her wonderful video, which talks about how NB came to be; “everything is considered for the end user”, NB stands out as a brand with a mission, staying true to the heart-beat of who they are. We love what they’re about - from the natural ingredients used, to the product formulation, the values and the beautiful, dreamy and luxurious packaging. Micaela’s exciting music background is played throughout the brand, she says; “It is kind of like mixing a song making a formulation”, we love their honest and creative approach to making skincare.

The ultra cool packaging is all recyclable and compostable. Glass is used where possible and they are committed to sustainability. In NB’s words; “All the cute packaging is recyclable, the range is vegan and natural, and there’s no animal testing, no big-pharma, no crazy markups, and no unnecessary ingredients. Just pure skincare rock’n’roll.” We love their approach to simplicity and authenticity, creating genuinely amazing and affordable products.

Currently, we are stocking five of their luxurious products at Pepper You, we hope you’ll love them just as much as we do! If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, then look no further, we’ve got you covered, NB has something for everyone. Visit our ‘Self Care’ page on Pepper You to shop!


Mild Mannered Face Lotion
A light, ultra hydrating face lotion featuring Aloe Vera, Calendula, Comfrey Root, Jojoba, Betaine and Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5). Sinks in fast without shine. This moisturiser is the first in the Neighbourhood Botanicals range and has been over 2 years and 70 versions in the making! Quenches and softens dry skin with moisturising and calming botanicals.

I kept one of these for myself (how could I resist) and I mix it with my self tan facial drops in the evenings. It's so light, doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and glides nicely over the surface of my face. I recommend, highly!


Dream Dream Dream Night Facial Oil
Night oil for all skin types. A lush warming and nourishing facial oil to soothe the senses and soak your skin overnight. The velvety-smooth oils in this blend contain a range of essential fatty acids and vitamins to regenerate skin cells, heal the day’s damage and re-plump your skin as you dream.


The Daily Glow Facial Oil

Another one that I have kept for myself! I use this every morning after my shower.
This light silky oil helps to promote daily brightening, and plumping with a fresh zingy hit of powerhouse botanicals. The perfect morning serum to help glow up your face. Antioxidants, vitamins and phytosterols fight eye puffiness and support strong skin structure and elasticity, for everyday up-keep and protection from environmental baddies and I can confirm, it smells yum!


I Was a Teenage Hand Model Balm
Hand, nail, and anything-dry cream. It’s the hard-working saviour you’ve been looking for all these years… helping to return your hands to their former fame. This is not your standard tough and waxy balm, it’s more like a rich crème with the texture of icing. It doesn’t simply coat the skin… the active botanical emollients actively soften and heal. Expect hands to feel freshly conditioned for hours, but not sticky or waxy, and with no oily shine like other balms. Perfect for the winter handbag edit.


Age of Aquarius Hair Oil
A sleek moisturising treat for thirsty hair. Natural, light, silicone-free hair serum ideal for softening, smoothing, and adding shine and definition. Camellia oil, extracted from the seeds of the tea plant, has long been Japan’s go-to oil for hair treatment. Extremely light but super silky, with a fatty acid make-up similar to our skin’s natural oils. Together with a touch of shea butter, these guys protect and soften strands. A replacement ingredient for synthetic silicones brings lightweight glide and tonnes of gloss. Jojoba wax seals down lifted hair cuticles, so strands fall in line nicely with each other. This reparative effect seals in moisture, gives body and more wave to damaged hair and helps protect against heat styling.


You can shop the full collection of Neighbourhood Botanicals at Pepper You here. 

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