Welcoming Moglea to Pepper You

Welcoming Moglea to Pepper You

We began stocking new Iowa based brand Moglea on the web shop before Christmas, but during the festive madness we didn't have a chance to properly introduce the brand. So now, coming mid Jan, it's time to introduce you to the absolute stationary wizards that are MOGLEA!

Moglea focuses on the craft of artful stationery and paper goods launched in May of 2012 by Chad and Meg. The couple bought a century-old letterpress and started creating the Moglea line. 

One of the things that draw me to Moglea’s products the most, is that their production processes are done by hand, making each piece
one-of-a-kind. The Moglea team use processes such as dip dye and hand painting when creating their products - and it's mesmerising to watch. 



Moglea’s beautiful designs really stand out, I love their use of colour and unique way of making stationary. 

We are so thrilled to be stocking a number of Moglea Notepads and Greetings cards, each one is hand painted by a member of the Moglea team, meaning each notebook and greeting card has unique colour placement, how cool and original is that!

You can shop the full collection of Moglea products that we stock here

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