Welcoming Le Bon Shoppe to Pepper You

Welcoming Le Bon Shoppe to Pepper You

I'm so excited to say that I have recently started stocking Le Bon Shoppe Socks at Pepper You. Ella and I wanted to feature Le Bon Shoppe on the blog to introduce this wonderful brand to you! I love what the brand embodies and who they are. 

Le Bon Shoppe started with humble beginnings in an apartment in Los Angeles, over food and a conversation between old friends. The founders met whilst working together previously within the fashion industry. Refreshingly, they stay out of the spotlight and in their own words, “let their creations take centre stage”.

Le Bon has been creating beautiful products a little over four years, and the brand name literally means ‘The Good Shop’.

They are customer focused with a fierce dedication for the people who shop at Le Bon Shoppe. The driving factor behind the brand is to create everyday pieces that are simple and easy to wear, yet so often hard to find. It's easy to see that Le Bon Shoppe pieces will become strong staples in your wardrobe - using a range of calming and muted colours that are easy to wear and timeless.

Le Bon Shoppe are committed to caring for the planet, consumer and environment. Having been on the manufacturer’s end of the fashion industry they wanted to produce garments in a more ethical way - which is something that I too, really believe in. They produce a limited quantity of pieces at a time, so that they can sell everything they produce before making more. This means that they don’t produce excess waste or buy into the ‘driven by sales’ mentality, that we so often see in the West.

Le Bon Shoppe says it best; “Our goal is not to be a super famous brand sold in every store in the world, instead we want to make just enough for everyone who genuinely loves the product. We let our customers dictate the rhythm of our production cycles. We always listen to your feedback and bring back the styles and colours that you love when you want it!

Le Bon Shoppe are inspiring in their integrity, conviction and beliefs for the brand. They believe in slow fashion which exceeds trends and cheap non-ethical ‘fashion fads’. They believe in making a more conscious choice to consume less, and consume better by choosing companies and quality products that are meant to last many seasons.

Le Bon Shoppe do not follow the seasons of the fashion industry, which is all about creating more and more products to gain more and more sales. They are in a league of their own, proud of who they are and who they are becoming, which is just one of the reasons why I love them! Le Bon Shoppe says; “We are flexible and compassionate with our factories and value all those who have a hand in making all things Le Bon Shoppe as people first. We give ourselves ample time to restock and don’t sweat it if things don’t go according to schedule!” They are people focussed, and stand out in this sphere.

Something that really drew me to the brand is Le Bon Shoppe's ideas around photography, they say: “In the age of influencers, and flawless photos, we love real and raw collaborations. We have zero paid promotional content or marketing. All of our collaborations are with cool people like you who happen to love Le Bon Shoppe! Our marketing strategy is authenticity. Those who love us will find us!” 

From a range of earthy colours with a few pops of bright colours too, there is something for everyone. I think they would make the perfect gift as we get ready to wrap up warm for winter here in the UK. We are currently stocking three different styles in a range of colours 

Cloud Socks

These really are the coziest, the comfiest and the cutest socks around (and I am actually wearing a pair right now as I write this!) 

These super soft and cushiony Cloud socks will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud and are the thickest cosiest style we stock. 


Her Socks

Classically ribbed, perfect height, breathable cotton blend yarn. These beauties will pair with any shoe, sandals, sneakers, mules, clogs, boots, she is your go to sock! The perfect height, knit rib socks. 


Sneaker Socks

Going from workout to work? A breathable sock that you can sweat, dance, jump and play in without leaving a mark on your skin like most sock bands do! The perfect height made with a cotton blend, this breathable sock is perfectly suited for your favourite sneakers!  

You can shop our full collection of Le Bon Shoppe socks here

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