How I bake my Polymer Clay

How I bake my Polymer Clay

One of the things I found the most frustrating to master when I began my clay journey over 3 years ago, was learning to bake my clay properly.

Good quality polymer clay earrings will be flexible and this is important because it means they will be extremely resilient. Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of polymer clay jewellery and means your pieces will last for years and years, but it isn't always easy to master this right away. 

When baking your polymer clay you need to keep a few things in mind: temperature of your oven, length of bake, position in the oven, what you bake your clay on or inside - to name a few. 


I go over how I bake my clay pieces and touch on all the above subjects in my tutorial over on Patreon. All the info you need is in a PDF document where I share how I get the perfect polymer clay bake everytime (after a lot of trial and error years ago!) 

This tutorial is available to Patreon members here:

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