How I Attach my Earring Posts

How I Attach my Earring Posts

When starting working with Polymer Clay over 2 years ago now, I found attaching earrings back to my clay quite difficult.
I was keen to find a technique that not only looked neat but was also going to stand the test of time and provide brilliant quality earrings for my customers.

For me using glue isn't full-proof enough or neat enough. Using resin is a hassle (and messy) and I've seen people using a technique where they half bake the pieces and then drill a divot and use liquid clay to attach the post - but I find this time consuming and it can sometimes not look as neat as I would like.

I found that embedding my earring posts was the most secure and aesthetically pleasing way to work and I am really excited to share this tutorial with you. 

In the video tutorial I cover two different techniques for embedding - the first is more obvious and the second is something I developed to enable me to see the front of the clay while embedding. 

There are so many ways to attach earring backs, and everyone will find a different way works best for them.


The Video Tutorial is accessible now on my Patreon for members - see here.


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